Join PIH | Engage Madison on our 2-mile walk-a-thon along lakeshore path to help fundraise for the Butaro Cancer Clinic in Rwanda, the first cancer center providing comprehensive health care to East Africa. Our walk will highlight the many miles that community health workers for Butaro and around the world must walk to reach patients and engage in some of the most instrumental work that ensures good health to communities everywhere. 

PEDOMETERS FOR FIRST 200 PARTICIPANTS! We will be counting how many steps we take together in solidarity.

All participants will be encouraged to form a team (anywhere from 4-10 people) with friends and compete in our optional walking trivia game. Anyone without a team can join others without a team the day of! PRIZE FOR THE WINNING TEAM! Come join us in taking Strides for Solidarity and help us realize health as a human right around the globe.

The walk-a-thon will take place at Lakeshore Path, starting at the UW Natatorium at 1pm. You can register early at for the price of $7 or you can register the day of at the NAT for $10 

All donations will go directly to our mission the Butaro Cancer Center in Rwanda.

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