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Ebola: Health Sector Workers Recruitment

Partners In Health, in partnership with Last Mile Health in Liberia and Wellbody Alliance in Sierra Leone, is planning to supplement the ongoing community and health center work of these organizations in Grand Gedeh, Liberia, and Kono, Sierra Leone. Most staff will be local nationals. However, given the chronic health workforce crisis in these countries, a sizable number of expatriates will be needed to augment the response and to train the local teams.

Experienced clinical and non-clinical health sector workers interested in joining us to help people affected by the West Africa Ebola outbreak are welcome to register below. At this time, PIH can only accept applications from U.S. citizens in accordance with evacuation guidelines set forth by the U.S. government. We are hiring clinical/non-clinical long term positions and recruiting for clinicians for 3 month and 6 month positions.

We are currently recruiting for the roles listed below. We will be updating this list frequently, according to needs identified on the ground. If you are interested in joining us, but are unable to find a match for your qualifications, please check back soon.

Some Special Considerations Before Applying for Clinical Roles in the Ebola Effort

Partners In Health is committed to protecting the safety and privacy of our patients, colleagues and their families. PIH does not allow our staff to be in contact with news media nor do we support social media posting during deployment with PIH.

Height and weight considerations for PPE: For working in full personal protective equipment (PPE) as with the Ebola response, the following height and weight measurements reflect limitations in PPE: individuals must be between 5’0” and 6’6” and must not weigh more than 290 pounds nor less than 90 pounds.

Age Restrictions:
- Healthcare workers must not be older than 59 years old.
- There is no age restriction for non-ETU work.

All clinicians must be in possession of a current, valid clinical license to be considered for work with PIH.

Sierra Leone Positions LIberia Positions

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