Below is a sample letter to send to your friends and family, letting them know about your participation in the Live Your Best Life walk. Please feel free to personalize it before you send.

Dear Friend,

On Mother’s Day, I will be joining Oprah Winfrey and thousands of other people for the Live Your Best Life Walk in New York City!

I’m walking for Partners In Health (, a charity working for a cause that has touched so many of us this year. The tragic earthquake in Haiti has killed so many people, and has left many more homeless with no access to adequate shelter, food, water, or sanitation. Even though it is no longer on the front page of every newspaper, the situation remains dire for hundreds of thousands of people.

Partners In Health has been working with communities in Haiti to provide medical care and poverty relief services for over 20 years. Before the earthquake, their 12 hospitals staffed over 4,000 medical personnel, which allowed them to quickly and effectively respond to help those most in need. They have remained on the front lines of relief and rebuilding efforts, and are committed to continue doing so. I am excited to join them in their efforts to stand with the people of Haiti, and I’m writing you today to ask you to join us by making a pledge of $XX.

I know that times are hard, and making ends meet is difficult. But as the Haitian people say, "Men anpil chay pa lou" -- many hands make the load lighter. By sharing what we can, together, we can make a difference.

Thank you for your support!