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Urban Walk for Haiti (Cambridge) (Fundraising Event)
The Seventh Annual Urban Walk for Haiti brings together communities from the Boston region to support PIH. This year we are dedicated to raising money for primary and secondary students at Ecole Bon Sauveur on the Cange medical campus run by PIH / ZL.
Since the devastating 7.0 earthquake on Janurary 12th, thousands of Haitians have evacuated to more rural parts of Haiti, putting pressure on nearly exhausted resources, like education. This is one reason why we are focusing on PIH's education program.

The walk features a PIH speaker, local Haitian vendors selling crafts, clothing and delicious food as well as musicians to get our dancing feet warmed up for the walk.

Bring your friends, family and funds as we enthusiastically support PIH.

Check and cash donations are welcome at the day of the walk.
Online donations may be submitted at

Please print out your donation receipt when you donate $100 or more as you will get a free walk t-shirt.
Host: Urban Walk for Haiti
St. Paul's Church (Cambridge, MA)
29 Mt Auburn St
Cambridge, MA 02138

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The capacity limit is 800 attendees.