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The Details

Funrun for PIH (Fundraising Event)

WHAT? A funrun in favor for Partners in Health, which goal is to raise money.
WHEN? The 20th of April, 2013.
WHERE? Skavloten, Taby, Stockholm, Sweden. 
COST? There will be a registration fee of 20 Swedish cronors.

We are two gymnasium-students who are in the process of planing a funrun in favor of Partners in Health. Our funrun is going to take place in Skavloten the 20th of April in Taby, Stockholm, Sweden and we would be honored to have as many participants as possible. 

Our idea is for every participant to arrange a sponsor (mother, friend or colleague) who agrees to giving you as a participant a specific amount of money for every kilometer/lap/minute you run, which you then donate to PIH. Participants can also chose to compete with one another, and the losing participants will give a chosen amount of money to PIH. It is up to you as participants!

On the day of the funrun, a guarded tent to leave your bag in, dressing rooms and rest rooms will be available. There is also a cafeteria in which the hungry one can buy something sweet to eat or drink. Volonteers will be spreaded out around the track to be at hand if an accident occur. Although, we do not take responsibility for children. 

There will be three tracks available to jog or walk in. These are:
1,25 kilometers (for our younger participants under 10 years old)
2.5 kilometers (for those participants who wish to walk/run several laps)
5.0 kilometers (for those participants who wish to run long distance) 

For further questions, please email us:

Linda Tarmet

Mahlet Abera Techan

Host: Linda Tarmet
Skavloten (Taby, Stockholm)
Taby, Stockholm 187 69
Directions: Bus 615 goes from Täby Centrum to Skavlötens bus stop. From there walk approximately 300 m.

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