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Partners in Harmonie: A Celebration of Music, Medicine, and Global Healing (Awareness Raising Event)

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Grand Harmonie and Partners In Health join together for an elegant evening of music, photography, and desserts.

This unique event will feature a dessert buffet, chamber music performances by members of Grand Harmonie, and photography of health and hope from the 10 countries where Partners In Health works to provide high-quality medical care to those in need. 

As we step forward into 2013, we do so in a world still rife with conflict and human need. Organizations such as Partners In Health have made incredible strides in the global health movement but face an uphill battle for support, resources, and recognition. To thrive in the increasingly difficult economic climate, it is vital that non-profits reach out to one another in pursuit of our shared goal - improving and elevating the human experience. As doctors seek to heal the body of the world, so music heals the soul, speaking across countries and cultures. Partners in Harmonie will showcase the work of two fine organizations side-by-side while bringing passionate community members together over dialogue and desserts.  

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Admission: $30, includes dessert buffet, music performance, photography viewing, and one raffle ticket for the chance to win a unique artpiece. All proceeds benefit Partners In Health and Grand Harmonie

Host: Jon Shaffer
Harvard Epworth Church Fellowship Hall (Cambridge, MA)
1555 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138

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“The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that's wrong with the world.”

—Dr. Paul Farmer
Chief Strategist & Co-founder