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Morning Matters (Awareness Raising Event)

Hello from New Hampshire PIH,

For thirty three years, our low income pediatric clinic Child Health Services has been the heartbeat of compassion and help for the indigent in our old milltown.  Manchester, NH is beset with a huge amount of generational poverty and now, as an official US settlement community, the challenges of caring for refugees from camps and communities around the world.  A child at CHS has been the beneficiary of a team of exemplary (saintly!) physicians, nurses, psychologists, social workers, lawyers, tutorers, food pantry/clothes, dental work, transportation to and from the clinic, translators, etc.  We also operate a free teen health clinic

We hold an annual event, the name of which is aforementioned, to not only raise money but to make the community aware of the unique needs of the community in a state with no sales or income tax, and one that is habitually 50th in the nation for charitable donating.  Our families' safety nets are fragile at best while our funding has been slashed to precipitously low amounts.  

I approached Dr. Farmer's assistant several years ago as he was on his way up to Dartmouth.  It was my understanding that our hosting him might be a possibility but  for some reason I ceased to hear from his assistant.  CHS was founded by Dr. Selma Deitch, an unapologetic radical for the poor!  She and Dr. Farmer would have had a lot to talk about.

We are very late contacting you, we know, but the clinic's future, quite frankly, has been very shaky.

Host: Jane Davis
Radisson Hotel (Manchester, NH)
700 Elm St.
Manchester, NH 03101
Directions: Out of Boston: Route 93 north up into NH until such time as you see Route 293 north. Take 293 north along Merrimac River until exit 5 (Granite Street). Bear right up Granite St. until you get to the main drag (Elm Street) where the Radisson is prominently situated though set back a bit from Elm St. Parking is generally very accessible.

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