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World AIDS Day 2016

World AIDS Day 2016

On how PIH is leading the way toward an HIV-free generation.

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World AIDS Day 2016: On the Road to an AIDS-Free Generation

Our community-based HIV work has proved that excellent, lifesaving HIV care can be delivered to people living in the world’s poorest regions, writes PIH Chief Medical Officer Dr. Joia Mukherjee. Read More ▸

The XX Solution

Women do an extraordinary amount of good in the world, studies show. PIH is proud to support them. Read More ▸

Staying Power: Women Keeping Health Care on Track

Images and comments by PIH photographers about the women they meet who keep the world healthy. Read More ▸

Starting Small: Treating Kids with HIV

Two clinicians' mission to treat and care for children living with HIV. Read More ▸

We’re Guided by a Mission

Every presidential election, not least this most recent, reminds us what a great diversity of ideas makes up this world. Read More ▸

An X-Ray Machine that Inspires Devotion

The digital x-ray machine, the first at J.J. Dossen Hospital in 35 years, is just part of our massive revival of the 1950s-era hospital. Read More ▸

Breast Cancer-Free, 3 Years and Counting

In May 2013, Isemelie Bazard was the first patient to undergo surgery at University Hospital in Mirebalais—and is among a growing number of breast cancer survivors in Haiti. Read More ▸

PIH Experts on Game-Changing TB Drugs

For the first time, PIH staff present their findings on using new and revolutionary drugs in the fight against tuberculosis at the Union World Conference on Lung Health. Read More ▸

A Typical, and Inspiring, Day with Eudeli Velasquez

Community health worker Eudeli Velasquez's weekly visits to her patients living with chronic diseases keep them healthy—and comforted. Read More ▸


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